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[155.8 KiB] Geochemistry books by Introbooks Team

Geochemistry is that branch of science which uses the
fundamental principles of Chemistry to understand, analyze and
explain the mechanisms behind and working principles of major
geological systems including the oceans as well as Earth's crust.
But the scope of Geochemistry extends much beyond our
planet earth and extends upto the solar system so much so
that its contribution is immense in understanding important
phenomena like formation of planets, origins of granite and
basalt and mantle convection.
The fascinating factor of Geochemistry is its position which is
primarily in between exact sciences such as physics, chemistry
and mathematics and that of natural sciences. The shape of
the quantitative approach taken in physical chemistry,
thermodynamics, analytical chemistry and mathematics to natural
observation opens up uncharted territories and provides
enormous advantages. These are neutralized, however, by the
inevitable shortcomings that have to be faced when writing a
script on geochemistry: and the most important of them is the
need to summarize and apply quite often in a superficial and
incomplete fashion, concepts that would require an entire
volume if they were to be described with sufficient completeness
and accuracy;
Multiple diverse fields or areas provided base knowledge in
development of contemporary ideas of Geochemistry. Following
are some of these sub fields and things they deal with in
Cosmo Chemistry:- This deals with the detailed analysis of
the distribution of elements and their various isotopes within
the cosmos.
Isotope Geochemistry: Involves a study of absolute and
relative concentrations of elements and their isotopes in and
on the surface of our planet earth
The determination of the underlying system of movement
and distribution of earth by thorough examination of
distribution and movements of elements in the various parts
of earth like that of crust, mantle, hydrosphere or in
Organic Geochemistry is that field of Geochemistry that
intends to understand the role of all the process and
compounds that are received from life or living organisms
that once lived.
Biogeochemistry is the field of Geochemistry which primarily
deals with the effect of life on the chemistry of our planet
Photo Geochemistry deals with the impact of light induced
reactions that occur or may occur among the components
available naturally on the surface of earth.
Aqueous geochemistry studies the role of various elements in
the watersheds including mercury, sulfur or even copper.
This also studies the exchange of fluxes through aquatic,
terrestrial and atmospheric interactions.
Exploration geochemistry deals with the applications to
environmental, mineral and hydrological exploration studies.
Thus, it is seen that the scope and reach of Geochemistry
extends much beyond the limits of our planet earth and is a
necessary tool to understand our position in this universe and
to formulate ways along with other disciplines of science in
sustaining life for a long time to come.
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